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Revolting Women

Fight for the vote

  • Writer : Vashti Maclachlan
  • Director : Jonny Kelly
  • Composer : Kieran Buckeridge
  • Musical Director : Bex Hughes
  • Designer : Celia Perkins
Revolting Women Poster image

Why did it take so insufferably long for women to get the vote?

London. 1918.

Revolting Women tells the Suffrage story through the eyes of a less well-known Pankhurst, Sylvia, who fought for the vote alongside working women in the East End. Sylvia meets Lettie and together they push to Parliament, to bend the ear of the Cabinet.
A story of absolute commitment or dangerous obsession?
Full of political satire, song and more suffrage societies than you can shake a stick at, Revolting Women unravels a contentious and momentous movement in history!

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