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50/50 Club

How to become a member

All you need to do is join up online or fill in the 50/50 club form at the bottom of the page.

Latest Winners

May Winners with a prize pot of £205.51

1. J Dalton
2. DM Cousins
3. D Bodger

April winners, , with a prize pot of £199.50
1. M Morley
2. S Womrpa
3. W Fletcher

March Winners
March winners, with a prize pot of £195.50
1. I&R Tupling (donated back to Mikron – Thank you!)
2. L Adams
3. TGR Wright

February winners, with a prize pot of £195.50
1. P. Brass
2. B. Hunter
3. M&J Toon

January winners, with a prize pot of £194.50
1. B. Hargreaves
2. A. Stokes
3. S. Fletcher

£100’s of prize money

3 winners every month

£100’s of pounds raised

Would you like to have a chance to win a cash prize every month and help Mikron?

Stakes are only £1 each, and because we know you’ll all want
to be in on this, we are limiting the number of £1 stakes to £10 per household.
Half of every month’s income will go to Mikron and the total prize draw for each month will be split as follows:

  • 25% of the month’s income
  • 12.5% of the month’s income
  • 12.5% of the month’s income

How the 50/50 Club benefits Mikron and you

The 50/50 club raises £1,000’s a year for Mikron, with virtually no operating costs.

It’s enough to fund one of the following:
Maintaining Tyseley, our historic narrowboat
or Developing new Mikron writers
or Composing all the music for a Mikron season

What’s in it for you?

A chance of winning from a combined prize pot totalling £1000’s a year!


Hats off to the cast and crew for yet another Mikron triumph

Politicking Post 2018

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