Anti-Racism Statement May 2022

We would like to make the following pledges to reflect our desire for Mikron to be actively anti-racist and by using our influence to be responsive and supportive allies of anti-racism in the society in which we live. We will action our pledges as far and as fast as we can and invite everyone to hold us to them. We confirm our commitment to equality. We stand against racism and prejudice in order to help create a richer, more diverse and inclusive society where people’s differing needs are all recognised.

We are open to and welcome change and challenge.

As a small company we will use our size to be responsive and implement change quickly, resisting the urge to stick with the safety of what we know and are familiar with.
We won’t use our size to excuse a lack of diversity in our team or in our audiences.
We want to fill the whole potential of ‘theatre anywhere for everyone’, or at least as much as we possibly can.

This is what we’ve done so far:

• incorporated equality principles of inclusivity and relevance as core to our business plan
• appointed four new trustees to broaden the diversity of our board
• appointed an Equality Champion on our board
• created an Inclusivity and Relevance sub-committee of our board and staff

This is what more we’d like to do and have started on:

• diversify our workforce
• help break down barriers in recruitment, casting, writing and directing
• increase awareness of Mikron on the circuit and engage with more artists as our AD and MD broaden the scope of the showcases and events they attend
• approach Mikron auditions creatively to enable more access and help overcome geographical or financial barriers
• continue to cast the net wider to create more opportunities for diversity on our board and in creative roles
• monitor our pledges in our board meetings

We will update this statement regularly so that everyone can see our progress.