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Mikron Theatre Company Anti Racism Statement April 2021

As a company, we have been reflecting on racism. We recognise our role in society and our ability to influence and actively change. To simply say ‘we’re not racist’ is not enough, we must be actively anti-racist. We want to be responsive and supportive allies. We would therefore like to make the following pledges, and action them as far as we can.

We confirm our commitment to equality and our desire to make a stand against racism and prejudice and contribute to a richer, more diverse and inclusive society.

We acknowledge that insularity has unintentionally become customary because it’s easy and safe. We are committed to changing this attitude in Mikron and guarding against such practice. As a small company we can make excuses as to why there isn’t greater diversity within our team and why we don’t reach a wider audience, but our size will also help us to be responsive and to implement change without layers of bureaucracy.

Our strap line is ‘theatre anywhere for everyone’ and we want to be better at this.

So far, we have:

  • formed an Equality & Diversity sub-committee of our board and staff
  • appointed an Equality & Diversity Champion on our board
  • attended a range of training events
  • recruited four new trustees, broadening the diversity of our board

We want to remove barriers and show greater diversity in all aspects of our work.

To achieve that we will:

  • diversify our workforce
  • focus hard on breaking down barriers in recruitment, casting, writing and directing.
  • ensure that our Artistic Director & Musical Director attend more showcases and events from a wider range of groups and organisations where we can increase awareness of Mikron on the circuit and engage with more artists
  • hold Mikron audition days in the north and south of England to avoid geographical and financial barriers
  • cast the net wider and create more opportunities for diversity in creative roles and on our board
  • hold ourselves to account on our pledges in our board meetings

We want to reflect and embolden the society that we live in and serve, we are open to change and challenge.

We invite everyone to hold us to our pledges and to our commitment to change.